Free 411 from Google


Google 411

If you’re still paying for directory assistance it’s time to stop. These prices are what some of the top carriers are charging for 411 usage:

Verizon: $1.25

T-Mobile: $1.49

AT&T: $1.50

Sprint: $1.79

Frankly, you should be putting that money to better use because there is a better solution. Up until now one of the best solutions was to text message google with your search query. So say you were looking for T.C. Luigi’s Pizza in Chandler, Arizona; you would text message that string to ‘466453’ (Spells out GOOGLE on your keypad). But for those who are more comfortable with the traditional voice based 411 service (or when you are using a landline), Google now has you covered.

To get free directory assistance anywhere in the US just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 and you will be connected to Google’s directory assistance. Google’s excellent voice recognition software will ask you for the city and state, at which point you can say it or spell it out with your phone’s keypad. You are then prompted for the listing you would like to find. Once the right listing is found you can be connected free of charge or say “text message” to receive the information as a text message on your phone. Visit for more info.

Check out the “cheat sheet” for cool tips and tricks on how to better use the system:

From my experience, this service works very well and is very convenient. For more convenience you can set this number in your speed dial. The best part is it’s free and Google doesn’t sell your phone number or information to third parties.

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