Improve your Samsung BlackJack’s battery life


Samsung BatterySamsung Battery 

If you want to get more use out of your Samsung BlackJack there is a quick and easy way to do this. If you do not use the 3G network (Pretty much any T-Mobile users using the BlackJack and many AT&T users) you can disable the 3G connection altogether.

To turn off 3G do the following:

  • Type in the code *#1546792*# on your handset
  • Choose the 3rd setting “Network & Call Settings”
  • Choose the 5th option “Network Mode”
  • Choose the 2nd option “GSM” andhit OK.

You can always revert to your original settings by repeating this process and choosing “Auto”, however this small change should give you better battery life.

One Response to “Improve your Samsung BlackJack’s battery life”

  1. 1 mateolan

    This not only improves my battery life, I get better signal because the 3G network in my area if janky–and the phone is always searching for it. I haven
    t used my blackjack for months because of that problem. Thanks a bunch!

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