Leopard is the world’s most advanced operating system?



At least that’s what Apple claims (http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/features/bootcamp.html) on their bootcamp website. When Apple unveiled Leopard they introduced a concept called “Fast Switching” (Google cache of Apple’s site: Image) but when you visit the same site now, there is no mention of this fast switching. So what’s the big deal here? How is Leopard the most advanced OS when there is nothing special about Bootcamp that makes it superior to say, oh I don’t know…Linux??? So you can run Bootcamp and dual boot into Windows and other OSes. Big deal. Linux users have been doing this for ages.

So one of the big selling points of this new “Fast Switching” was to allow Bootcamp and Parallels to work together and allow users to boot into physical partitions. This essentially means giving users the ability to boot into a Windows Partition or to emulate it in OSX. From what I have read in the Mac community forums, this capability was not possible before:

“3. As far as I know, Parallels cannot using an existing physical partition to run its virtual machine, but VMware has limited support for doing that. I wouldn't do that on a known good installation unless you are willing to create a separate hardware profile in XP to compensate for the fact that the virtual machine hardware profile will be significantly different from the actual hardware profile.

For the Mac, Parallels is about the only option for virtualization. VMware has a beta version of its product for the Mac, but it has not been publicly released.” – (Source) Post #2

So from what I understand you CAN NOT boot into windows AND emulate the same windows partition inside of OSX.

However, take a look at the following image:

Virtualize Existing Windows Partition

This is an existing Windows partition booting up under LINUX, the world’s most advanced operating system.

I will post a guide on how to do this in a following blog. It is important to realize that OSX is in fact a UNIX based OS and that is what allows it to perform as well as it does. I feel that Apple never gave the open source community the recognition they deserved for all the work that was done towards what has gone into OSX. I think one main reason that Apple fails to give recognition is that they realize there are better OSes out there that give users more freedom and capability. I am not the only person to have realized this:

"It wasn't until later, giving the same presentation at Linux World that I'd missed giving at the Apple show, that I realized that Apple were scared of the SuSE Linux desktop I was using. They didn't want customers to see anything other than Apple-badged everything at their show. Especially if it was something better. They were scared of their customers even seeing a choice." Source

The argument of Mac vs. PC is dead. There is no such thing as a “Mac” being sold anymore. Apple is now using Intel CPUs running a UNIX based OS which makes them in fact a PC manufacturer as well. Don’t go around claiming your Mac is better than PCs unless it runs on a PowerPC processor. It has really come down to various PC manufacturers making a similar product but the user having the choice of many operating systems. In the end I think all OSes are needed, some are better than others when it comes to certain tasks, but when it comes to performance, reliability and security certain OSes perform much better than others.

One Response to “Leopard is the world’s most advanced operating system?”

  1. 1 gpop

    thats is simply because its not legal to emulate os x apple don’t give right to put their operating systems on any other computers but their own

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