Tethering a Sumsung BlackJack




If you’ve had a Windows Mobile phone in the past you probably know that it can be a pain to tether your laptop to use the internet connection since you usually have to treat the phone as a modem and dial the access number, etc. With the Samsung Blackjack, this process is a piece of cake and has been simplified into 4 easy steps:

  • Connect your phone to your laptop using ActiveSync.

  • On your phone, launch “File Explorer” and navigate to the Windows folder.

  • Launch the application named “Internet Sharing”.

  • Choose “USB” as your connection and hit “Connect”.

That’s it. Just launch your internet browser to surf the web or open Outlook to sync your emails.

I have read that this is not against your user agreement from T-Mobile and I do not know anyone who has the Total Internet package and has been charged for tethering their phone. However, this is only allowed on certain plans for AT&T so consult your user agreement before you go racking up a huge phone bill.

5 Responses to “Tethering a Sumsung BlackJack”

  1. 1 Richard Hansen

    Hey, thanks for the info on the BlackJack, good stuff.

    I have a question for you. Our company is in the process of switching from Verizon to AT&J and I plan on getting a Blackjack. Right now I can get a pretty good deal on a Blackjack but I don’t want to be tied to a 2-year committment ( I may be moving back to Canada sometime in the next year ). BTW, I live in Chandler, Arizona.

    Here’s my question, please let me know what you think. If I were to buy a unlocked Blackjack, do you think that AT&T would activate it on their network? They’d have to sell me their simm right?

    Anyway, that’s it for questions, thanks in advance for your comments.

  2. Richard,

    I think the only non-contract plans that AT&T has are the pre-paid plans. There is “Pay As You Go” which seems like a rip off or the GoPhone plans which give you a certain number of minutes a month depending on which plan you pick (includes rollover minutes):

    I think what you would need to do is take into consideration when you would move back to Canada if you did and see if it’s worth paying the premium for no contract. The premium for no contract isn’t that much considering:

    No Contract + 400 minutes = $50/month
    Contract + 450 minutes = $40/month

    Both plans include 1000+ nights and weekends minutes as well. Just check it out and see what works for you. As far as getting the unlocked phone, theres a Wireless Toyz on the southeast corner of Southern & Country Club that usually has them in stock and unlocked. I’ve purchased 2 from there and they have pretty good customer service.

    Hope this helps.

  3. 3 Righteous Boy

    Internet Sharing is not working on WM6 (early leaked version for blackjack) I have tried and there is a component missing. Keep us posted about that, thanks!

  4. 4 Gregg

    Mohammad – I’ve gotten my blacktop browsing, emailing, and tethering on T-Mobile thanks to your info. One problem is my gmail comes up in 2 places – MMS in addition to the pop3 I set up. Any idea how I can stop getting duplicate email to MMS without disabling normal text messages? – Thanks, Gregg

  5. Gregg, not 100% sure on this but I think you may have forwarding setup in your Gmail account. In Gmail you need to enable POP3 to be able to download your messages but if you have also setup forwarding it will send an additional copy of the message to your phone.

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