VMware: Proper Shutdown & Restart of Guest OS



When running VMware  and you want to  shut down or restart the guest OS, it is very tempting to sometimes just use the buttons in the “Power Toolbar”.  One thing you should realize is that shutting down or restarting your OS using these buttons is the equivalent of cutting off power to your PC and instantly shutting off.  Since this typically isn’t good practice and can lead to settings not being saved or more importantly, the loss of data you should always go through the OS’s shutdown procedure.

Then why do they put the buttons on the toolbar if they are useless you ask?  These buttons are configurable to do what you want.  You can set the buttons to go through the proper OS shutdown or restart procedures.  To change this setting, open VMware and click on the  VM menu and choose settings.  Once the settings menu is up, choose the “Options” tab  and click on the “Power” setting in the list on the left.  Here you can change the stop button from “Power Off” to “Shut Down Guest” and the restart button from “Reset” to “Restart Guest”.

These buttons work by telling the guest OS to run a shutdown or restart script and that requires VMware Tools to be installed on your guest OS.  Additionally, you can customize these scripts by launching VMware Tools in your guest OS and going to the “Scripts” tab.  here you can specify specific scripts you want run for the different events.

Following this process should give you a quick and easy way to shutdown or restart your virtual machine with one click instead of going through the menus.

2 Responses to “VMware: Proper Shutdown & Restart of Guest OS”

  1. 1 Marc Belanger

    Hi Mohammad

    I have this acute problem with shut down is VMWare… The host OS is Ubuntu Feilsy. The guest OS is Mandriva (Spring 2007). Now, when I shut down the guest OS (just by
    shutting Mandriva down), VMWare hangs and then I lose mouse/keyboard control… If I “Power down” the virtual machine, VMWare crashes and Ubuntu stays up, but when I shut down Ubuntu, the “Virtual Machine” can’t be closed down, so the shut down process is halted… Anyways, in both cases, I have to do a “hard reboot” (hold the power button of the PC for 5 seconds, forcing the PC to reboot..) ANd that’s very-very bad! Please help me if you know anything about this!!! Assalamu Alaykum!

  2. 2 Krista

    Ok so a user chose to power off before shutting down and we can no longer open the vm. Is there a chance of recovery?

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