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0-60 in 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 194MPH and some sweet technology poured into this machine: “That engine rests on magnetorheological engine mounts, meaning the mounts can go from heavy dampers to keep things smooth in the cabin to solid bricks with no flex, transmitting every ounce of power to the wheels. That […]

US spending on healthcare IT lags behind much of the world at $0.43 per capita here in the US compared to $193 per capita in the UK.  $20 billion of the government’s proposed stimulus bill is geared at funding healthcare IT.  A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported: “Researchers at the Johns […]

I finally got a Cobb Short Ram Intake after convincing my wife that the Mazdaspeed 3 “isn’t fast enough…er…could get better gas mileage with some slight modification”.  The install was very straightforward and took less than an hour.  Cobb Tuning claims that this intake adds 11 hp. and 16 lb.-ft. to the stock setup and […]

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It’s been a long time since I updated, a year and a half to be exact!  Since my last update I’ve gotten married and graduated from ASU and am now working towards my PhD in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and UCSF.  I hope to post more often now but will probably stay away from the […]