A Digital Health-Care Revolution


US spending on healthcare IT lags behind much of the world at $0.43 per capita here in the US compared to $193 per capita in the UK.  $20 billion of the government’s proposed stimulus bill is geared at funding healthcare IT.  A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported:

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, rated clinical information technologies at 41 hospitals in Texas and compared those results with discharge information for more than 160,000 patients. Technologies recorded included electronic note taking, treatment records, test results, drugs orders, and decision-support systems that offer information concerning treatment options and drug interactions. The researchers found that hospitals that rated highly on automated note taking had a 15 percent decrease in the odds that a patient would die while hospitalized. Hospitals with highly rated decision-support systems also had 20 percent lower complication rates. Researchers found that electronic systems reduced costs by about $100 to $500 per admission.

Check out the link for more details: Link

2 Responses to “A Digital Health-Care Revolution”

  1. Hi Mohammad,

    Interesting post.

    So, what is the status of electronic dental records [eDRs] with CCHIT?

    Hope Hetico; RN, MHA

  2. speaking on behalf of the IT side, IBM is investing heavily in healthcare and bringing software as a service (SaaS) solutions/infrastructure to hospitals.


    This is very important since IBM is one of the largest information technology service providers in the world. Obama’s administration and IBM’s CEO were involved in the soon-to-be stimulus plan.

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