Ultimate Rapid Prototyping & DIY Board



Toradex now has their Robin modules for purchase here.  The modules have ultra low power consumption with an embedded Atom CPU(up to 1.6GHz), onboard RAM (512MB), onboard GPU (1366×768 output) and onboard SSD with up to 2GB in storage and they start at $163!  Did I mention it’s the size of a credit card?  The boards have multiple interfaces including USB and can be up and running quickly with Linux or Windows XP.  This is the ultimate board for rapid prototyping that handheld device or the DIY carputer project you’ve been putting off.

2 Responses to “Ultimate Rapid Prototyping & DIY Board”

  1. carputer suggestion inbox:

    add pandora or last.fm radio integration. no need for CD’s, mp3s, or satellite radio. since pandora and last.fm can queue up new music based on your previous listening you’ll always have good music. they also have an open API.

  2. last.fm would be a must! Would need a dedicated 3G connection or tether it to my phone.

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